The 2018 BIG Awards for Business

The original open source awards program, the BIG Awards for Business was first launched in 2012. This diverse industry awards program offers companies, their products, their people and their tactics a chance to be globally recognized by panels of business veterans and leaders.

The 2018 BIG Awards for Business will reward companies of various sizes (start-up, small, large) in all major verticals. As in previous year, we will continue to offer increased exposure for extraordinary accomplishments by women, small businesses and those working to reduce the impact on our environment. 

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Nominations for the 2018 BIG Awards for business will be due October 12th and winners will be notified on November 18th.

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2017 BIG Awards Winners

See all the winners and finalists.

     George Skaff   Chief Marketing Officer, TouchCommerce


George Skaff

Chief Marketing Officer, TouchCommerce

The Business Intelligence Group’s awards program and their crowd-sourced model allowed us to highlight our innovations and performance to a global audience of industry analysts, customers and prospective customers.

Award Categories

Organizational Awards
There are several organizational awards to choose from based on your organizational profile. If your company was started less than 3 years ago you can nominate for Start-up of the Year. For more mature organizations Small Business of the Year is for companies with less than 100 employees. Companies with 100 or more employees should enter Company of the Year. For those companies focused on making sure they help keep the earth clean, we are also offering Green Company of the Year awards. These competitions are judged on your overall performance and business techniques.  

Product Awards
Companies looking for recognition for their products can choose from New Product of the Year, for products less than 12 months on the market. More established products should nominate for Product of the Year. We will also award Green Product of the Year for products focused on taking care of the earth or reducing human impact. Finally, if you have a compelling story to tell about a customer application of your product, Case Study of the Year. 

Individual Awards
The BIG Awards also recognize individual achievements. If your company has fewer than 100 employees, apply for Small Business Executive of the Year. Leaders in larger organizations should choose Executive of the Year or Woman of the Year. Please note, women are not excluded from any competition. Finally if you are working to establish new companies, Entrepreneur Award recognizes those with a passion for starting up. 

Award Industries

Public Relations
Real Estate
Recruiting and Human Resources
Technology Hardware
Technology Software
Technology Services
Transportation & Travel

Business Services
Business Consulting
Consumer Goods
Financial Institution
Financial Solutions
Food and beverage