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Our partners work with us to help nominees learn, share, and achieve breakthrough performance


with Benefits

Beyond getting to recognize excellence in the industry you love, judging for the Business Intelligence Group comes with its own comprehensive perk package. Plus, you can do it in your downtime from the comfort of your couch, on a plane ride, from a pool chair… you get the idea. Read. Score. Feedback. Repeat.



Gain exposure that can lead to industry connections, business referrals, job offers, and career advancements.


Instant Karma

Who doesn’t love feeling good about what they do? Get instant good-vibe energy from sharing your wisdom and expertise with our nominees.



Every year, every season, your name, company name, ideas and experience are shared with our growing audience.

There's Nothing

There's Nothing

Than the heart of a volunteer

Our judging model relies on industry leaders like you to read, score, and judge our nominees.

Outside of scoring, ranking and selecting nominees, we give our judges the opportunity to share public and private feedback with each of our companies so they can continue to improve.

This forms mutually beneficial connections between our judges and the companies we work with, giving each an added value that goes beyond award recognition.

What we
Ask ofOur

  • When the nomination period for an award ends, all judges will be emailed the relevant information for each nominee to read, score, and to provide feedback. This can be done anywhere in the world, from any device. 

  • Feedback comes in two forms: private and public. Private feedback on what went right and wrong with their nomination, and public feedback that gives nominees quotes from judges to use in collateral and promotional materials to ramp up credibility (and gives our judges additional exposure).

  • Feedback is optional but highly encouraged. 

  • Judges are given a week or more to complete the work—but most say it only takes about an hour.

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