Is there wisdom in the crowdsourced model?

Debates have raged for centuries about the "wisdom of crowds" but in 1906 statistician Francis Galton observed that the median guess of the weight of an ox from eight hundred people at a country fair was accurate within 1% of the true weight. Quite a feat!


We're really not that special or inventive as several other modern companies and applications have put the "wisdom of the crowd" to use to enable their own communities to thrive. Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, and even the Facebook "Like" have all made surfacing great stories part of our new popular culture.

OUr Unique Judging Model

Our industry awards programs rely on industry leaders who volunteer to read, score and judge nominations. But what is unique about our model is that judges not only score and rank nominations, they also have the opportunity to share public and private feedback so that winners can maximize the third-party acknowledgement of their performance and all nominees can reflect on how they can improve their overall approach to the market. 

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Judging for the Business Intelligence Group has many advantages and it is easy! Judging usually takes only a few hours of downtime and can be done from the comfort of an airplane, your favorite lounge chair or pool side. Read. Score. Feedback. Repeat.



Judging has led to business referrals, job offers and other career advancements.

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Judging gives you instant karma when you share your expertise and wisdom with our nominees.


Your name, company name and ideas are shared with our growing audience.


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