The 2017 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing Are Now Open

For the past several years we have rewarded hundreds of cloud computing companies, products and executives for their superior results. Join us as we seek out new advancements, new products and the people who are making real headway in the cloud. Learn more


2016 Stratus Award Winners

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Stop. Take a breath. Look back at what you have done. It is nothing short of amazing.

Your dedication, effort and persistence are paying off. But who sees it? Who realizes that your accomplishments, creativity and long hours are delivering unique value to consumers, shareholders and stakeholders? We do.

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Trust? Validation? Reputation?

How we evaluate companies, products and even people is getting harder as our new "social" lives get less...social! The Internet is changing how trust is earned.

How can business and industry awards help your prospects trust you? Download the ebook.

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Volunteering to help us judge our business awards programs has many advantages and it is easy! Judging usually takes only a few hours of downtime and can be done from the comfort of an airplane, your favorite lounge chair or pool side. Learn More.

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PR & Marketing Excellence

Launched in 2014, we reward public relations agencies, departments and people whose work delivered exceptional performance and innovative approaches.

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A revolution is taking place in the cloud and you are part of the driving force of change. In the cloud, you are moving files, people, companies and technology to all time highs.

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The impact your organization has on the world is important. Business is about meeting customer demands and driving revenue, but not to the detriment of the environment.

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The best products, companies and executives compete for global recognition in our original industry awards programs. How does your organisation match up?

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The global threats against our digital economy infrastructure continue to multiply and we are honoring those who are fighting the war on multiple fronts.

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Regardless of how you classify your company, as a supplier, vendor or partner, your customers rely on your work, products and people to make their own business go.

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Innovation is the agent of change in our modern society. How can we jump higher, move faster, mine data and explore new possibilities?

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Rewarding the unsung heroes behind the great stories, the great brands, the communities and executives that power the global economy. 

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