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That Put People First

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Put People First

About Us


We know time is valuable. So we’ve taken the historically tedious process of business awards, removed the corporate droning, and focused on making it easy for companies to celebrate their success without breaking the bank (or their brains).

We recognize excellence in any company we come across, regardless of stock price, size, industry or stake. We provide the same straightforward path for any company to gain the recognition they’ve earned.

dared To be

We are the first crowdsourced awards program to operate with the level of transparency we’ve committed ourselves to.

Our rules


Open Nominations

Our nominees find us organically from across the globe. We never discriminate based on geography, size, or any other factors.


Truly Qualified 

Our judges are all practicing experts from around the world who give back through volunteering their time and expertise.


Proprietary Process

Our nominees are scored using our in-house statistical methodologies that prioritize fair and unbiased judging.



We do

From our affliction for efficient communication, to staying connected to our companies from nomination through selection, we’re always discovering new ways to deliver value to our customers. We operate with three core principles to make it happen.


Stay Transparent

From our nomination process to our judging process, we hide nothingand stay open about every aspect of our organization.


Value Customer Experience

We provide a higher level of award experience by communicating openly, effectively, and quickly—while managing to have a little fun throughout the process.


Keep it simple

Starting with nomination and all the way to selection, we streamline our processes to make a historically headache-inducing process straightforward and smooth.