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The BIG Innovation Awards recognize those organizations and people who bring new ideas to life. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change the way we experience the world. Unlike other programs, nominations are judged by recognizable leaders, not editors or writers with limited business experience.

The BIG Innovation Awards recognize every innovation that our judges deem worthy of recognition. Nominations are individually scored by a panel of experts, hand selected by our advisory panel and employees.

Nominations for the 2018 program will be due in December 2017 with winners notified in January 2018. 

2017 BIG Innovation Award
Chairman's Choice Winners


Braeburn Pharmaceuticals (https://braeburnpharmaceuticals.com), an Apple Tree Partners company, is a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company delivering novel, long-acting implantable and injectable therapies for serious neurological and psychiatric disorders. The company’s first commercial product, Probuphine® (buprenorphine) implant, was approved by the FDA in May 2016 as the first and only implant to treat opioid addiction, an epidemic that kills 90 people each day. The Braeburn team continuously thinks beyond what’s been done in order to tackle, head on, what might still be possible in therapeutic areas widely recognized as public health crises in need of new solutions with the goal of improving public health. 

SolarWindow Technologies (http://solarwindow.com) (OTCQB: WNDW) generates electricity through transparent, organic photovoltaic coatings that are applied to glass and flexible plastic for applications including tall towers and skyscrapers. Once applied, these coatings transform normally passive windows into electricity generators under natural, artificial, low, shaded and even reflected light conditions.

The suitX MAX exoskeleton (www.suitx.com) was developed by Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni and his team of engineers at suitX.  MAX is a flexible exoskeleton designed to augment a worker’s strength to reduce the risk of workplace injury. MAX can be used in a range of workplace tasks, allowing workers to be more productive by reducing fatigue, and costly workplace injuries. This type of technology has the potential to create a safer, more productive workplace environment.

The Marine Corps Solar Soaring UAV (www.hqmc.marines.mil/e2o) integrates photovoltaics, autonomous soaring, high-energy density storage, and cooperative flight to deliver a long sought-after capability of persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance without logistics fuel. Each platform harnesses energy from the sun to charge batteries and power propulsion, while autonomous cooperative flight capabilities allow the aircraft to share soaring data to optimize flight paths. By harvesting energy from renewable sources, this UAV program aims to enhance the warfighting capability of the force by improving the endurance of existing and future UAV assets.

The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView (https://www.climate.com) digital agriculture platform is already helping more than 100,000 farmers across 100 million crop acres make daily operating decisions based on real-time weather, soil and crop information, as well as equipment performance, right at their fingertips. This digital ag platform delivers to farmers data-driven insights, including the ability to build customized seeding and fertility plans for each field, to achieve maximum yield potential, improve efficiency and manage risk.

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While the 2017 deadline for nominations has passed download the entry kit for details about the program. Nominations for 2018 will be due in December.

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