2017 Best Places to Work

When you punch the clock and it is more about winning, more about collaborating and more about the work than the paycheck, you have found the right place to "work."

The 2017 Best Places to Work will identify the organizations doing all they can to improve the performance by challenging their employees in an environment that makes work fun and engaging. The Business Intelligence Group will honor those companies who help their employees accelerate their careers, knowledge and performance. 

The Business Intelligence Group will use a proprietary scoring system that incorporates your own employees' ratings, online reviews and our own judges scoring of your nomination.

Nominations open in March and are due May 5, 2017.


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A Lot is New in 2017!

Each nomination will include our new Employee Satisfaction Survey that measures employee satisfaction and engagement through a series of 10 questions.

For those looking for a more complete understanding of their organization and employee satisfaction, our Insights Survey can be added to provide a very comprehensive view of employee satisfaction. This detailed line of questioning covers the nature of work, compensation, management performance, communications, and overall culture.

Samples of each survey are included at the back of this entry kit.

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Why Nominate Your Organization?

The benefits of these surveys are limitless, but if we had to name a few, they:

  • Increase productivity
  • Encourage new ideas
  • Reduce turnover
  • Track progress
  • Improve company culture

The Best Places to Work survey is extremely valuable for leadership teams. We provide the content and track the results, enabling management to make changes based on employee feedback. Surveys like these improve retention, engagement, and performance, allowing employees to anonymously express their feelings.

2016 Best Places to Work WINNERS