The Business Intelligence Group seeks out and rewards those with vision, creativity and persistence, all hallmarks found in the world's leading companies and individuals across the globe.   

Since 2012, we have recognized and rewarded hundreds of business executives, departments, products and entire organizations for their innovation and leadership.


Our Mission

Our goal is simple. To provide business owners, leaders, executives and managers a platform to get the recognition they and their team's deserve. 




The Business Intelligence Group’s awards program and their crowd-sourced model allowed us to highlight our innovations and performance to a global audience of industry analysts, customers and prospective customers.
— George Skaff, Chief Marketing Officer, TouchCommerce

our differentiators

The Business Intelligence Group has developed the first crowd-sourced and openly transparent industry awards platform focus on helping businesses and their employees.

Program rules, guidelines and all processes are available to the public for inspection at any time.

Nominations are sourced organically from companies around the globe. We do not discriminate or reward companies or individuals based on geography, size of organization or any other factors. Our programs are open to all.

Judges are practicing experts from across the globe and represent some of the most trusted and valued brands. They give back to the community by volunteering their time and expertise.

Nominations are scored using a proprietary statistical methodologies and winners are notified ahead of public notice so that they and we can maximize the exposure that follows.

Photography by Rupert Ganzer