Want to Gain Awareness? Try Winning Business Awards!

Business Awards Winners Get Boost in PR, Web Traffic...and More!

People often ask us, "What does winning business awards get me?"

The value of winning a business awards is often hard to quantify and the benefits are seemingly endless. But the good folks at Stamford & Rutland Business Awards (follow them on twitter @LLBusinessAwards) have cracked the code. According to the UK based firm, 

  • Winners of awards get, on average, 24% more traffic to their web sites after receiving the award.
  • Winners of business awards see, on average, a rise of 40% in newspaper, web & social media coverage for the 2 mths following the event!

That is tremendous! Many companies pay thousands, or even millions, of dollars to get similar results using expensive public relations agencies, extensive work with search engine optimization guru or more.

help your company with business awards

The value of winning business awards however goes well beyond the increase in web traffic and the increase in exposure. One of the most often mentioned benefits of winning is the boost in trust that awards can give you.

When companies are evaluating potential partners during their buying process, they look for signs of "The three Es": expertise, experience and excellence. Having third-party validation of your organization is critical when your prospects evaluate potential partners. Without it, you are an unknown, un-trusted and often worse, untrustworthy.

It is simple, buyers feel good when other have validated their concerns as untrue. After all, who doesn't like working with winners!