Pickett Street Properties

A real estate team of 8 people!

Company Profile

  • Headquarters: Seattle, WA
  • Chief Executive: Jesse Moore
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Primary Industry: Real Estate
  • Locations: 1

Pickett Street Properties is a team of experts committed to revolutionizing real estate. Our systems and everything we do are designed around this goal:  

Our belief is the single real estate model is broken and the team model is better equipped to represent buyers and sellers in this market place. Everyone in our group is focused on what our clients want and need.

Our Vision Statement is: Doing life together with passion and curiosity- creating opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

The average Real Estate Agent closes 4-8 transactions per year.  We have averaged 150 per year over the last 5 years.  Due to the number of transactions we experience- we are able to track the market quickly and effectively, and educate our clients with timely information.

Instead of 1 Agent who does 10 things (like marketing, finances, working with buyers/sellers/investors, ordering supplies, answering phone calls/voicemails) we are 8 Agents who each do 1 thing, and we do that 1 thing very well.   

Beyond real estate we are a company that believes in personal development of our team members, having authentic relationships with each other, and pushing each other to achieve more than we thought we could.  This is evident in how we run our company each and every day.  We care, and we are passionate about helping those around us.  Everything from our interview process, our team meetings, our reading requirements, our team events and parties- all of these elements sing with our culture.  A culture that we have worked hard to build and protect.  

Yes, we sell houses. But that’s just a byproduct. We’re a team of 8 individuals that have committed to “doing life together”, and we have decided to do it with passion and creativity.

Our Street. Your Dreams.