Little Big Brands

A branding agency that's different in all the best ways

Company Profile

  • Headquarters: New York, NY
  • Chief Executive: John Nunziato
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Primary Industry: Advertising
  • Locations: 1
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At LBB, we believe that doing things a little differently results in a better product and long-lasting relationships. We love what we do and the clients we partner with, and that’s probably why we still have clients today that were with us when we opened our doors. Even more important is our LBB family of employees. We’ve never actually lost an employee probably because they are our most valued assets, and we treat them as such. Unlimited vacation, paid daily lunch, and a no a-hole policy are just a few of the reasons they stay.

Our story begins in New York - center of the branding universe. Where turtlenecks and hipsters collide to dazzle clients with proprietary trademarked processes to solve their every challenge. Where water cooler banter provokes heated debates about engagement, synergy and authenticity. Where evolution vs. revolution can mean the difference between a Pentaward and a pink slip.