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How to Succeed in Business…Awards

How to Succeed in Business…Awards

Guest post from 2018 Best Places to Work Winner Maker’s Nutrition - Business award season is upon us, which means public relations firms and companies themselves must shape up and hone their writing skills to prove merit in regional, national, and international awards.

Before jumping into anything, follow this four-step process to help master award entries and increase your chances of winning GOLD:

Avoid a Lawsuit: 7 Tips to Protect Your Small Business from Getting Sued

Photo by ♔ Georgie R via Flickr
Photo by ♔ Georgie R via Flickr

Lawsuits are costly, inconvenient, and overall unpleasant. However, when you’re running a business--especially a successful one--you’d know that lawsuits are inevitable. From discrimination, injury, intellectual property infringement, to contract disputes, the possible charges are endless.

While there’s no solid guarantee your business won’t ever get sued, here are the ways to reduce the risk, protect your business, and stay out of the courtroom.

1. Document everything

This is quite basic, but is seldom done in everyday life. Documenting a well-drafted contract or memorandum that records an agreement is one of the best ways to avoid misunderstanding and prevent lawsuits. Emails, invoices, policies, contracts, should be kept safe to resolve future problems. Even telephone messages from clients, albeit how close you are, should be recorded to protect your business.

2. Understand intellectual property laws

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your business name, logo, and other designs are not violating any intellectual property laws. Some business move forward, only to find out that someone else already owns the trademark to their business name. Before investing in time and resources, do your research. Visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website to make sure that you’re registering your own trademark and not someone else’s.

3. Protect your files

Now that most businesses rely on computers, it is important to ensure safety for your computer system. Viruses can infect your business files, and put you at risk of not being able to perform a certain task. In addition, the infected files may be stolen or lost and can lead to legal action from clients. One way to protect your files is to always have a set of updated backed up files to refer to. Keep them offline to help keep them safe.

4. Create an employee handbook

To avoid misunderstandings with present and former employees, it is best to have an employee handbook that contains all important employment issues. These topics include termination, maternity leaves, sick leaves, compensation and benefits, sexual harassment, etc. The handbook should be given and oriented to the employee upon employment, and should be dated and signed by the business owner and employee. This handbook should also be updated consistently.

5. Think and act safe

Accidents do happen, but you can help prevent it by maintaining your physical business property. One way to avoid personal injury lawsuits is to keep safe the area where your employees work, where customers walk and can potentially slip. You can also consider securing alternative work sites in case of hurricanes and storms.

6. Hire a competent attorney

Aside from giving advice when your business gets sued, lawyers are needed during the entire business operation. They are there to oversee contract reviews, debt collection, and other legal matters, ensuring that your documents are valid and secure. That’s why hiring a good one is imperative. Fortunately, not all of them are as costly as many think. There are legal plan providers such as LegalShield that give small businesses access to qualified attorneys for a low monthly fee.

7. Communicate

One surprising way to avoid a lawsuit is to sit and chat. Try to clear the misunderstanding you have with your customer, employee, or other company who filed against you. Who knows, this simple step can lead you to the road with less heartache and inconvenience.

With these seven tips, your business will be on its way to a hassle-free tomorrow.

About the author A writer and entrepreneur, Melissa Page is based in San Diego, California. She writes just about anything that tickles her fancy and dreams to help and entertain readers with the her writing.

Drilling down the core of success: 5 brainstormed ideas to help small business take off with flying colors

small business week
small business week

Making room for improvement is perhaps the chief motto that seems to captivate each and every entrepreneur in this world, especially the ones that seem to be in their startup phase. Success is the ultimate result that we all seek though our earnest endeavors. Success and growth happen to be desired by all but attained by a chosen few only. In this world success comes to you only when you are too busy looking for it with a set of balanced strategies, measured steps and a contingency plan at the back of your mind (in case your plan A does not appear to make it to your final destination). If you take your time in order to venture into a virtual tour of the small business establishments around the world that made their voyage to the ‘golden handshake ‘of fame and fortune in a supersonic pace you would be able to figure it out that it is basically some mind-boggling ideas that worked as the driving forces in the organizations and eventually helped them obtain worldwide fame and flourish. If you would like to do the same to your organization then here is an interesting peep at 5 worthwhile ideas you would like to take a look at.

Focus on productivity and skills sets

As the owner of a small business entity the most important job for you is to ensure that you are going to focus on the proper enhancement of the productivity level and the respective skill sets of your organization. The productivity level of your organization and the respective skill sets happens to be integrally associated with the reputation of your organization. Therefore, you cannot compromise with these two quintessential issues. Take care of them and they will take care of the growth of your organization.

Smart delegation of tasks

Smart delegation of tasks is an asset in you and with proper deployment of this vital skill you can make it a point that you are going to get the best engagement as well as best participation at work from employees or coworkers. If you are able to delegate tasks in a smart way then you can rest assured that you are going to engage the workforce, encourage cooperation among them and invite more output.

Install enterprise management software

Installation of enterprise management software is going to streamline the commercial functionalities of your organization to a great extent. You can consider SAP, SaaS as well as other options in this regard. Resorting to these high-octane software solutions you can make the management, access functions and back up facilities a walk in the park.

Use the power of the Internet to your advantage

We are living in an era which is dominated by the omniscient presence of the internet.  If you really wish to take your small business venture to the zenith of flourish and success then you cannot possibly ignore this powerful medium. You can actually use this platform of gigantic proportions in a number of ways. You can create the business blogs, choose affiliate marketing techniques, adopt pay-per-click advertising, resort to online copy writing etc.

Give value to customer feedbacks

Last but not the least; do give value to customer feedbacks. You should remember that a satisfied customer is the biggest advertiser for you. So, do get feedback from them and use them in a productive way.

The 5 ideas are the proven approaches that can take your small business organization towards security as well as consistent growth. When it comes to the issue of success and consistent growth you must be able to follow what most visionary leaders tend to prioritize. In order to win their spur in their respective fields they focus on four golden principles. They choose to reinvent strategies, restructure stereotypes, reorganize things and break precedents. If you merge these four crucial aspects with the 5 brainstormed ideas you can resolve difficulties unprecedentedly and hit the high notes unmistakably.

Author bio:

Adriana Sopi is a renowned blogger, author and speaker. He mainly writes and speaks on the benefits of 8a certification programs. The author helps small-scale business organizations identify their true potentials and achieve their objectives. His write-ups showcase the rich benefits that small business obtains for 8a certification programs.

exploreB2B – Dating your Business with Content

I sometimes pitch exploreB2B as a “Dating Site for Businesses”. On other occasions, I say it is a “Content Marketing Platform”. So today I will bring the two together – with the help of Michael Brenner of SAP who put the connection between content and dating in better words than I ever could:

“… Content is the engine that drives the whole machine. Content is the catalyst, or even the glue that brings people together and binds us there. It is in the stories we tell that allow us to begin relationships that have the potential to deliver real value to both parties.

It may sound like I’m talking about dating, but that is another often-used analogy for social business. Too many companies are out shopping for a spouse and jumping right to the big question of ‘will you marry me?’ and our potential customers are saying ‘slow down. I don’t even know you.’ …”

Michael Brenner, Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy for SAP

photo of dating online exploreb2b

So what is exploreB2B? A content marketing platform or a dating site for businesses? The answer is: both.

Because setting up business connections without substance is next to impossible.



exploreB2B is the place where you can publish your content, build your reputation, show your expertise and find your clients. exploreB2B is the place where you start looking for the business partners you currently need, find the experts you want to work with and connect to the people you need to know to bring your business up to speed with the modern world.

Content marketing is marketing your business with what you know, it is showing your potential customers that you can bring value to their lives – before they sign any contract. On exploreB2B that means writing articles and publishing them. It means showing your expertise, helping your future clients and therefore allowing them to see that you are worth to be their business partner.

Whenever a business works with a consultant to introduce content marketing into their strategy, one of the first measures taken is the introduction of a blog to their marketing efforts. A blog means marketing by articles, but a blog introduces a whole new set of problems for the company. When you first introduce your blog, who will first read your content? How do you integrate your blog into your social media activities (if you are not active on social media, you better start now)? How do you optimize for search traffic? How do you gain followers? How …?


Not so on exploreB2B, because exploreB2B automatically integrates your content into your social media strategy. exploreB2B is social already.

exploreB2B gives you even more:

  • Automatically distributes content to subscribers of the content category and keywords by subscriptions – every piece of content on exploreB2B gets read by the people that are interested.
  • Allows you to subscribe to the content that you want – and leave out the rest.
  • Allows you to reach the status of expert on the platform – in the areas where you possess your expertise.
  • Connects you directly to the experts that you need to work with and the companies that you need to solve your problems.
  • Allows you to find out who is interested in your content and lets you connect to these people specifically.

That is what content marketing allows you to do. That is what a dating site (for businesses) should allow you to do. That is what exploreB2B can do for you and your business.

photo of jonathan_gebauerexploreb2b_logo_rgb_72dpiAuthor Bio: Jonathan Gebauer has founded exploreB2B together with his sister Susanna. He studied mathematics in Berlin, Germany and has worked in newly founded companies as well as science. Since the first all German launch of exploreB2B, the siblings have taken the company to an international market and are currently becoming international social media influencers on the topic B2B marketing. The company’s Twitter account @exploreB2B was selected as one of the top 50 B2B marketing influencers on Twitter by Michael Brenner on

Photo by Don Hankins via Flickr.