Better Business Through Improved Customer Service

Surprise: Better Business Through Improved Customer Service

It should really comes as no surprise that improving customer service increases revenue by activating worth of mouth campaigns and improving customer retention or loyalty.

Think of all the great service experience you have and then think of how often you recommend that experience to a friend or relative. Very often!

Here are a few customer service experiences I recommend where the service is tremendous.

  • Nordstrom - Take back anything, any time. Mobile checkout.Personal recommendtaions. 
  • Wegman's - 40 checkout lanes open on Sunday! Recommendations galore. Everything under 1 roof.
  • Capital Grill - Personal service, great food.
  • Apple (retail) - Lots of questions before they give an answer. Helpful without overselling and relentless service.

While others are looking to shave, or even slash, the costs associated with customer service, doubling down can often prove more valuable in the long run.

So how do you get there?

Here are some tips on how others are investing their customer service dollars.

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