4 Tools from Startups to Help You Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business Using Tools from These 4 Startups


When you look to grow your business you need tools to help you manage as much as possible so you can focus on what you do best. Like stars, startups often come to us with a bright and promising vision and then, in spectacular fashion, explode or fizzle out and die. But there is always that one star the remains bright, even grows to become a new point of light on the horizon, spectacular and a beacon of hope. Wow, that's pretty fluffy.

Here are a few start-ups that we are keeping an eye on as great resources to help you grow.

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AUTOMATE BUSINESS: Zapier is an web-based automation engine that works between online services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, and LOTS more. Automation engines are not new (another favorite IFTTT.com) but what is different is this is business focused and automates many tasks that non-developers would usually find impossible.

Founders: Bryan HelmigWade Foster and Mike Knoop. ♥ CrunchBase profile.

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DESIGN FOR EVERYONE: With smart phones and tablets on the rise and expected to take over our computing lives, a responsive designed website allows any device to have a good user experience as elements scale and reflow based on screen size and orientation. Webflow hopes to be the new tool of choice to create and build responsive websites. Looks promising.

Founders: Sergie Magdalin and Vlad Magdalin. ♥ CrunchBase profile.


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BETTER HIRES: Hiring talent is hard enough and Cream seeks to help companies of all sizes better manage candidates by giving them the tools to track and manage your hiring process. Their overall goal is to reduce the number of resumes and candidates to review. More time for those water cooler conversations and office romances.

Founders: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Caitlin MacGregorChristine BirdNeil MacGregor. ♥ CrunchBase profile.

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GET INTELLIGENCE: Managing your business is hard without visibility. Most companies today generate lots of data...say big data. But what you with that data will help you make smarter decisions. Tableau makes software that lets you drag and drop data and filters so you can mine that diamond out of the rough...all from your iPad!

Founders: Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte and Pat Hanrahan. ♥ CrunchBase profile.


Cover photo by follow777 via Flickr.