The original open source awards program, the BIG Awards for Business was first launched in 2012. This diverse industry awards program offers companies, their products, their people and their tactics a chance to be globally recognized by panels of business veterans and leaders.

The 2015 BIG Awards for Business will reward companies of various sizes (start-up, small, large) in all major verticals. As in previous year, we will continue to offer increased exposure for extraordinary accomplishments by women, small businesses and those working to reduce the impact on our environment. 

Congratulations to our 2015 Winners


Stay tuned for the  deadlines for the 2016 BIG Awards nominations.

To review 2015 details including award categories, rules and tips & tricks, request your entry kit.

2015 Awards & Categories

  George Skaff Chief Marketing Officer, TouchCommerce


George Skaff

Chief Marketing Officer, TouchCommerce

The Business Intelligence Group’s awards program and their crowd-sourced model allowed us to highlight our innovations and performance to a global audience of industry analysts, customers and prospective customers.

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